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“Life is Short. Live Life. Life is an Adventure”


life-is-either-a-greatI have a new motto in my life these days. I’m in my 30′s now and feeling like time is going faster than usual lately. I want to do stuff before I’m old and creaky and everyone knows those days get here before we know it. My iPhone has a new background wallpaper but it’s not a cute picture of kittens or puppies. It’s not a picture of a girl in a bikini, although the thought did cross my mind. My new wallpaper is a text that tells me to live life because it’s short. I have a tee shirt with a similar sentiment that spells it out perfectly. Life should be lived, and that’s that.

I decided I needed more adventures, a few hair raisers perhaps. I made up a bucket list without actually calling it a bucket list, as that term inspires me to vomit. Number one on my list is learning to fly a small plane and I don’t mean a Cessna. I’m talking about those ultra-lights that are barely bigger than the person flying them. My friends force me to watch videos of people getting smashed up crashing those planes but I don’t care. I just tell them life is an adventure and you don’t live it always being careful. Maybe someday I’ll star in one of those videos of people crashing an ultra-light, I don’t know, but at least I will have had the experience. I might star in a video showing other people how to fly one. That’s me, living life to the fullest.

My laptop is full of pictures of ultra-lights. Someday one of them will be mine and I’ll rise above all the nonsense here on Earth. What nonsense, you might ask? Traffic on the freeways, jammed sidewalks where you are stepping on other people’s feet more than you are your own, and stresses of daily living. Okay, so all that stuff will still be a part of my life during the workweek but on the weekends, wow, what a stress reliever to get up above it all. But ultra-lights are not the only love of my life. I have developed other interests since turning over this oak leaf. One of them is moving up the corporate ladder a little bit, or a lot, depending on how well played my personal twists of fate are.

I’ve been in software a long time. I want to own a software company someday and I think I have what it takes to make it far, at least as far as CEO if not an actual owner. I’m always coming up with new, fabulous ideas, and presenting them to those who know the software business. It’s paying off, since here I am, in Manhattan, rather than Sydney, Australia. I got this new job through my connections and good idea presentations, so if I just stay on that track and not derail it, I should go far. I’m living life, it’s short but good and it’s an adventure to be had. So, I’m going for it.

The Best Gardening Decision I Ever Made

synthetic-lawnDue to traveling around the globe on business and before relocating all the way from Australia to the United States, I had trouble keeping up with gardening, particularly my lawn. Heat waves, drought, weather of all varieties quite often turned my green lawn brown. Nothing I ever did worked for long, simply because I couldn’t be as persistent about it as I needed to be. I would water the lawn faithfully for a while and things would green up but then I’d be off on another business trip and the lawn would go brown on me again. It got to the point where I started researching alternatives to a live grass lawn, not really expecting to find anything remarkable.

That’s when I discovered synthetic lawns and was very surprised at how realistic they appear. They don’t look anything like those old, green plastic rugs that you wipe your feet on when you come into your house. Instead, they look like real living turf, complete with a dirt colored base and what look like some dead grass blades and various shades of green. Synthetic lawns look like the real thing but they don’t require any kind of care whatsoever. They don’t need water, or seeding or special chemicals to make the grass grow faster. They stay green year round no matter where you live and you can even use them as a huge door mat to wipe your feet on before coming inside.

I figured that these types of lawns were probably pretty expensive so I did some research on that as well. I found out that while the synthetic lawns can run pretty high in cost, they more than make up for the amount of water used on a real lawn. They are pretty, come in a variety of colors and if laid properly, they even look just like a real lawn. These lawns are cut by the square foot and you can piece them together to fit any size yard. They come out looking like one total piece, just like with a real lawn. Best of all, they don’t require mowing, so you don’t waste expensive petrol on your lawn mower each summer.

Then I naturally questioned whether or not I would be spending all of that money on something that would last a few months and then fade out under the hot Australian sun. This was a concern so I did more research and discovered that synthetic lawns are designed with UV protection built right in. In fact, it’s been said that synthetic lawns can last up to 25 years or more with the right kinds of usage. That sounded great to me, so I decided to go for it. Luckily, I had a mate in Adelaide who installs instant lawns, so he was able to get me a discount on the lawn and even came over to Sydney to help me install it.

Yeah, it was expensive but it was worth it because now I have a perfect lawn and the neighbors are jealous of me. They all want to have that kind of lawn without all the work as well, so I guess synthetic lawns are catching on in my neighborhood.

Life as an Australian Living in Manhattan


The biggest change of my life took place recently. I’m an Australian, or ‘Aussie’ if you prefer, relocated from Sydney, and I took a huge leap of faith and moved to New York City… specifically Manhattan. Huge, huge change, and a lot of little changes have happened in my life since I made this decision. For one thing, I had to rent out my nice house back in Australia and now I live in an apartment. In case anyone back home is wondering, living in Manhattan is not cheap - my rent alone is US$3,817.00 per month.

Manhattan is busy all the time. They weren’t kidding when they said that New York is the city that never sleeps. The streets are always full of cars, buses, taxis, pedestrians and me. I’m neither a vehicle, nor a pedestrian. I’m not a driver either as I am not willing to take my life into my own hands and no longer own a car anyway. I always take public transportation. Let the other guy do the driving is my new motto, especially in this traffic. As far as I’m concerned, rush hour is a condition incompatible with life.

Manhattan has made a remarkable comeback since hurricane Sandy hit and I really think they are striving to make it a safer city all the way around, but it really is a lot different than what I was used to in Sydney. I don’t think it’s quite as friendly here. I’ve been told by my friends that New Yorkers pretty much ignore other New Yorkers, and I guess that’s somewhat true. On any given day in certain parts of the city, you hear screaming, shooting, alarms going off, sirens, and who knows what else. The natives don’t even get restless with all of that going on.

Manhattan is nice though, and upscale. The neighborhoods are decent and there is always Central Park to enjoy, though I’ve been told that the best way to enjoy it is from your apartment window, unless you like getting mugged while out on your Sunday stroll. I think it’s pretty unreasonable that the only bit of nature in all that great city is plagued by crime but that’s just the way it is. Central park zoo is pretty cool, though for some reason whenever I go there I always picture scenes from a certain cartoon.

I like my new job, and I guess I like my new home as well. I feel like I’m moving in the world… if not up, at least sideways a bit. It’s taking some getting used to but I’m getting there. My accent always inspires the natives to question where I’m from, although I always mention that to me, they are the ones with the accents…and boy, do I hear a lot of them, for it seems like each section of the city has its own dialect. I think I’m beginning to like it here though. Manhattan is growing on me.