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Apartment Building Looks Like New

I live in a nice modern apartment building. It is nondescript as styles go. No matter. It has clean lines and simple features that are timeless and classic. Any interior décor will do just fine. Mine is probably as nondescript as the exterior style. I tend to focus on electronics, even at home. I like a comfortable place to recline and a desk at which to go online for hours without straining my back. The kitchen should be updated and full of all the requisite appliances. If it all sounds a bit practical, well, it is.

I take pride in my environment and my rooms are simple and well-furnished. I keep things neat and clean. This is not a phobia, mind you, but practicality. You can imagine my consternation when I began to notice that the façade of the apartment building was getting a bit dark and weathered in appearance. Other tenants agreed and we decided to form a committee to clue the landlord in on some basic remedial work at his nearest convenience.

He turned about to be quite approachable and agreeable. I thought, well, he doesn’t mind the expense of hiring a professional cleaning crew. I envisioned a scaffold hanging by ropes and maybe a sandblaster of sorts. On the designated day, we all converged outside, mugs of coffee in hand, to view the transformation. Rather than a crew, a lone handyman emerged with a pressure washer in tow. He had a ladder and that was it. The unit was portable and he toted it with ease. Fueled by gas, this little dynamo in two hours renewed the apartment building surface, rendering it into a freshly-painted exemplar of good taste. No great outlay of funds here, but the results were superb.

The tenant group continued their “meeting” in the basement rec room, bottles of wine brandished in every hand. We discussed the landlord’s ingenuity and that crazy gadget called a pressure washer. We all wanted to draw straws to see who would borrow it first to wash their car or parking unit floor. I can see the value of such a machine for homeowners as well. They have windows to wash, sidewalks to renew, and driveways to rid of oil and grease. I thought of giving one to my dad for his birthday until I found out that these babies can run up to a thousand dollars. It was a good idea, however, if somewhat out of reach. I can see building managers stocking up, one for every complex they run. Larger washers have professional grade spray guns and lots of power. The biggest cleaning jobs seem to be no object.

I finally realized that you don’t have to spend a bundle for typical home tasks and I ran right out and found a great one under $200 for dad. Found it online through

It’s not that he isn’t worth more. It’s that this model will do fine, and at a great price. You have a lot of options, so take my word for it and have a look for yourself.