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Relaxing with a Rain Shower Head

As much as I love my work, sometimes I can not wait to finish work and come home. Because my work involves a lot of brainstorming, thinking and pitching ideas, at the end of the day I find myself tired. I am tired and sometimes cranky. I often find myself thinking about all the ways of relaxation after long hours of programming at work. I have tried things like taking a nap or reading a book. But, the thing that was really doing the trick was a relaxing rain shower. I mean; it was fantastic; it felt like hot summer rain was pouring down. A perfect shower means something else for everyone. The shower head comes in various designs and models. You can choose basically any kind you like. There are shower heads that make a nice mist. You get a feeling like you are outdoors. I am using it constantly now.

I also noticed that this kind of showering reduces headaches and encourages blood circulation. Like I said, it can really be helpful after a long day at work. It does not matter if your work is of a more physical nature or you deal with software development like myself. It is a perfect way to relax.

Because of the nature of my job, I travel a lot. Now, every time I get back from one of my business trips, I can not wait to relax under my new shower. If I could, I would take it with me. I am sure that you all know how Manhattan business life can be stressful at times; that is why I am glad to have found my relaxation method to relax and get the circulation going.

Do I take a hot or cold shower? That is the question. Well, I guess, the time of the year pretty much answers this question. But, still, I prefer a bit cooler water. Why is this so? Well, cold water rejuvenates skin, reduces stress, encourages circulation, and I feel fresh afterwards. On the other hand, when I take a shower with hot hot water, afterwards I feel a bit sluggishly. As if the shower did not do the trick. That is why I prefer cold over hot shower.

If you are, like myself, someone who likes to research, read a lot, then you will find all the benefits that a rain shower possesses. Working all day pretty much takes up a large chunk of my time; that is why I like this a lot. I did my research regarding shower heads and showers in general. Somehow I got the idea that a rain shower would suit me the best. And it did. So, folks, to sum it up; a rain shower, to me is number one choice when it comes to relaxing after long business hours of programming and brainstorming.