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Taking Off to Sundown Wild Forest for the Long Weekend

When off the grid you want your appliances and devices on. Whether in the boondocks or an outback wonderland, modern technology still plays a part. Roughing it doesn’t mean you can’t take your IPod with you.

Our next vacation destination is Sundown Wild Forest in the Catskills—acres and acres of stunning territory in the picturesque southeast region of New York state. The natural features beckon my hiker’s soul. We are looking forward to a variety of terrain including mountains, waterfalls, trout streams, and more. We plan to explore, hunt, and fish to our heart’s content for three days of freedom. A picnic by the river is less a fantasy than an impending reality.

Deciding on this glorious wilderness is easy, but packing is another story. Do we take the trusty old generator to power all the gear we usually tote, but don’t always need? This time should we do without?

I think we will try to pare down our list somewhat. The van is becoming too crowded and the time it takes to unload cuts into fun recreation time. It will be a weekend trip, however, and some essentials will be welcome. Each person coming along is allowed to vote for two items. We pare it down to a sublist and then vote for just one. The top five ultimately win. We usually agree in any case, so we know it’s going to be a TV, cell phone, lamp for general lighting, and a cooler. No surprises there. But’s it hard to please everyone.

So the generator comes with. It will supply electricity in seconds. I like my friend’s gas-powered unit as it is quiet and reliable. Its small compact size is a plus along with the basic features it offers. Mine needs an overhaul before it will depart from the garage which may not be anytime soon. There is a catalogue sitting on my workbench open to the Yamaha EF 1000iS. It is royal blue (can’t miss it in the dark) and runs about $800. As a 900 watt inverter generator, it can perform in any camping environment with ease. If you tailgate or hunt, this is the one!

A bonus is that it is one of the best quiet generators on the market (which means it hopefully won’t draw any attention from our fellow inhabitants, the bears) and also safe for computers and sensitive electronics. That means I can use it at home during a power outage and recharge my smart phone. These generators are amazing and fuel consumption is low for those who are eco conscious. The Yamaha should make the Sundown trip a breeze and just short of luxury. Plus it will meet the demands of an emergency. I am getting into it and may discover new uses. But already I am a little confused about adapter plugs, cables, and extensions. I should probably get a cover and extra Yamalube engine oil.

The catalogue says rush order available so I am on it. Within a few days, I can expect a magical machine that will light up my campsite and power my TV. What more can I ask of it?