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Weight Loss Wifi

The latest technology is here for your bathroom scale. Get on board or you will be left behind. Those who like the experience of weighing themselves with all the bells and whistles now have a wireless Wifi connection. You get your normal weight, BMI, degree of hydration, body fat composition, alarms, reminders, alerts, statistics in the form of charts and graphs, connection to your smart phone and computer, and lots more. You have absolutely no excuse whatsoever for being overweight.

If you are following a nutrition regimen, or in plain language dieting, you will love the new bathroom scales like the Fitbit Aria that hook into your digital realm in a flash. This is the way to conduct your life: methodically and accurately. Numbers types love it. The sensors are great for very accurate results. They are on the money every time. The days of plain old scales with dials are so long gone as to be archaic. You have clear, visible numbers to read on the LCD display: loud and clear. Then it automatically resets to zero.

Wireless connectivity is always a plus with any utilitarian equipment. You can store your data in your computer for posterity and later use it to see cycles in your life. These scales are like miniature genii. They can handle several people at a time with usage separated into individual components or files on one or more computers. You set up a “profile” for each member of the household. That’s it.

These scales use a web portal cloud server for optimal storage and data management. It couldn’t be easier. I have found it a tremendous way to goad myself into staying on track. When you have the evidence right in front of you, it becomes a reminder of your state of being and need for improvement. This digital coach is your guide to your consumption requirements at any given time.

You can of course do it on your own the hard way. You can eyeball your body in the mirror and go really low tech. You can guess your weight and then your ideal calorie intake needed to keep that weight or lose a few pounds. There are still some of the old printed diet books floating around. You can compare your figures manually. But why not do it with software designed for this purpose. It will do the data evaluation for you and even link you to nutrition and diet websites. You can see charts for all ages and heights and fit your statistics right in at a glance. It is a great timesaver and besides, it is fun. Geeks and nerds unite and share with the common folk the modern way to handle weight loss.

These best digital scales aren’t that expensive. They have come down in price and discounts on line are plentiful. They are even better and more analytic these days. You will get hooked the very first time. Your computer will send your unit little messages like “good job” and “way to go” that will boost your ego and your motivation.