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What a Mistake!

I work with open source software which means I am at the computer all day long. Who isn’t these days? We all work in the digital world, sometimes internationally. It is a brave new world they say given all the innovations. I am glad to be part of the progress. I am on a schedule much of the time so I can’t tolerate any downtime on the computer. I have learned how to fix it myself. If I take it to a shop, I must wait an intolerable week to get it back. Maybe I should have done it the last time it was on the fritz. Here is the sad tale of what happened.

I opened the computer and got out my tiny soldering iron, the kind jeweler’s use. I have used it before so I felt pretty confident I could fix the darned thing this time once again. Maybe I was tired or just inattentive, but something odd happened. The iron got to close to my face and burned off most of the eyelashes on one eye. Yikes! I looked really strange and now my attention was less on finishing my software program than on how to grow eyelashes back fast.

What a mistake! Now I must pay the price. I started to research eyelash growth serums and found a few options. You can make a home remedy with Vaseline petroleum jelly or you can buy a less greasy solution at the drugstore. These are touch and go and the reviews aren’t great. They all say to go to the eye doctor and get a prescription for a surefire product. You must put it on every day for six to eight weeks, but it is guaranteed to work. I wonder if the expense will be worth it. I decide to go with an over-the-counter item that looked good. Now for the six week wait.

Alas, nothing much happened but my eyelashes are now so soft. I guess it is to the doctor for me. You go to an ophthalmologist after a basic eye exam. Don’t assume that an optometrist can give you a prescription. It must be a medical doctor. I needed an eye checkup anyway to see if I needed better contacts. The doc agreed that I needed help with my eyelashes unless I wanted to look odd for months and months. The prescription would speed up the process. He advised me to have patience and I agreed. I applied a clear solution to the affected eye and there was a tiny bit of stinging for a second. I did this every morning and night and waited for the results.

I now have normal eyelashes on one eye and guess what? I have longer and thicker lashes on the other. The medicine worked but now I have to even things up. I will apply the solution to both eyes at night and see what happens. I hope no one nicknames me “luscious lashes.”