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When Advertising Renders a Website Completely Useless

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If there is one thing I hate, it’s looking something up in a hurry, which translated, usually means on my tablet computer or phone, and finding myself on a webpage that is almost entirely made up of advertising. I’m scrolling and searching for the information and most of the page is nothing but rot trying to sell me something. Then I finally get to the information I want and there is almost nothing to it. I learn virtually nothing and have wasted several minutes of my valuable time. Not my favorite thing to do.

There is a site that I sometimes go to that does product reviews and my time is wasted clicking ads off so I can search for something. More often than not I have found myself on web pages where at least one pop-up ad follows you down the page and covers up the block of text so you can’t read anything until you’ve clicked off that ad. Those are the most aggravating ones of all because there is no way under the sun to ignore them. I also hate those huge blocks of advertising that take longer to load than the rest of the script on the page so while you are trying to read something important the text is bouncing all over the place, and you have to keep scrolling to find your spot.

Ads on websites were becoming more and more prevalent until a certain search engine started making changes in how it searches, deliberately making it more difficult for sites that are overly populated with ads to come up on the first page of a search. As a result, a lot of sites shut down temporarily to upgrade their systems. I’m thinking this is probably a good thing and will help put a stop to the over advertising that so many sites were indulging in. The good sites will change along with the new standards while the greedy ones will simply disappear into the shadows of the web, like last year’s spider food.

I hope that the new changes don’t go too far and make the internet harder to use in the long run. The more complicated things get the less likely people are to spend time browsing. Although, for some of us who are continuously glued to the web, that might actually be a good thing as people have to rediscover green grass, blue sky, walks in the park and that huge, bright orb in the sky whose light we like to bask in every summer.